Communication is not the opposite to manners

Communications is an obvious managerial skill and according to our research[1] is among the top three for managers, only bellow leadership and decision making; but some aspects of this process are not always developed in classroom, and besides that you will probably learn it in the toughest way.

For instance is very well known that policy is always present in managerial zone, so it’s natural to think about the importance of what to say and how to say it… but mostly of the cases the central issue is related with what not to say and what aspects you should avoid in a particular matter.

Because of this very careful coverage that managerial communications have, what you get is a pure paint without comments that can’t be mentioned or suggested; saying this we are entering in a border line game.Sincerity at managerial environment frequently goes behind rhetoric and sometimes goes to hypocrisy when the one who speaks later doesn’t act like he said, clearly when words don’t match with facts.In the modern times, managers need to run in faster pace than in previous time, that’s the reason why your managerial team should go with other approach, to explore this idea consider some aspects like these:

·         Sincerity is not opposite to manners, you could keep your style and the same time express facts and your opinions in the appropriate mode.I remember a situation where a manager took an action following the impression that a team member delivered in a meeting.

Because the value of every single word mixes with perception this particular manager went behind the action without hesitating of his team member’s colleague –let me tell you this… in that case I am very sure I would have acted in the same way- On the implementation of “the final decision” about this issue, some news came up, because the “colleague” didn’t mention that his impression was an assumption, not even truth, not even a fact… but why this person didn’t mention that, he never acted in that way, he used to be the most trustable guy in town.I had the chance to ask this guy why he did that, he answered …

“I can’t tell that to my boss, he needs to find the answer for his own”.

·         Sincerity isn’t a synonym of disrespect, All this issue send us back to communication and behavior, where was written that telling another person the truth is a disrespect.Don’t be naïf thinking the truth won’t never be known, the crucial point is the way you communicate, as colleague of mine says…

“There are things you can e-mail, there are others you can say by phone, and there are others you can only say looking at your counter part’s eyes”

·         Political correctness trends to over hide the essential, “that issue you were thinking on is not politically correct”, “we never say those things”, “Boss never likes that reasoning”, avoiding to create a sincerity zone you are killing the opportunity to capture a new way of thinking, a new approach to a known issue, or simply what your team mates thinks or feel.All these issues are related and probably a final answer will depends on some characteristic os the particular situation, such as:

·         Are we talking something that is essential or not.

·         The matters we are dealing with are urgent or not.

·         We are talking about opinions or facts.

If you are an English speaker, you will find more articles with related issues in previous posts. Thanks for your reading.

[1] Managerial work research by Jorge Washington Barrientos (2007, Administration Research Institute at Economic Science Faculty in University of Buenos Aires).

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